House of McQueen

HOUSE OF MCQUEEN has been selected by Vievee Francis for the 2016 Four Way Books Intro Prize in Poetry, and will be released in Spring 2018.

“In HOUSE OF MCQUEEN, Valerie Wallace has found beauty, pulled back the cover, /and means to tempt us. Indeed we immediately want to read more of these gorgeously cut lines, incisive, and insightful.  Here skirts laugh while needles are needled by longing. Whimsical and unabashed as in “Haute Couture”: gift the heart-shaped apricot at my/ end for your bunspark…your stalk of young maple… the poems are also sorrowful by turns as in the poem “McQueen Tartan” we wear truth in/a locket how quickly we could lose us. HOUSE OF MCQUEEN titillates, and discomfits, informs and provokes. Wallace seeks not to re-envision the incomparable designer Alexander McQueen but to act as our deft dresser giving us a view from backstage. This book is seamless in that we see the craft but only as it forwards our understanding of McQueen. Sonnets written with text taken from models’ conversations and interviews give it the air of court gossip; centos of secrets draw us into McQueen’s life, as inviting and complicated as the labyrinth of Versailles. Wallace’s broadly imaginative use of language moves from airy and silken to richly textured, dense as damask. Read aloud it fills the mouth, it nourish[es] the urges we’re born with as noted in “From Bjork’s words.” Whatever seems familiar at first glance quickly folds into unfamiliar, evocative gestures. With cliché rent, nothing is expected, so nothing can bore. The tension begins high and keeps going in its intensity. Here the profane/ & beauty are not in opposition – mediocrity is the world’s welter. Wallace refuses a conventional take and by doing so (to paraphrase) puts a middle finger in the thimble, sucks the thread and sews a tale we want to read but wish we could wear.”

~Vievee Francis, author of FOREST PRIMEVAL



Four of the poems from this manuscript have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

The Poem “Bespoke” was a semifinalist for the Tupelo Quarterly Call and Response Prize.