Small Seams

Beauty is an accusation. Nature

Herself has turned metaphysical.

Skull bears witness, proper

& perfect. Viper to socket, startles

me into alertness. Profane

& beauty are not in opposition –

Mediocrity is the world’s welter. Flame

On the alter, from dulled procession

The age demanded an image of its

Accelerated grimace. I’d be a fool

Not to open my mind. Don’t pity

The age if I mirror it. I want to pull

Nature into vanity. To lead back.

Let the skull crack. Let the wind speak.


Made out of lines from New Selected Poems and Translations by Ezra Pound, Ed. Richard Sieburth. New Directions Press, 2010 and Early Writings: Poems and Prose by Ezra Pound. Penguin Books, 2005.

Originally published in Watershed Review.

Valerie reading “Small Seams” for Underline Poetry.