from House of McQueen

Council House, 1972

Small Seams


[When staggering down the runway wearing tartan over torn lace]

& for a moment, they

Let’s make a dress from these

McQueen Linen

House of McQueen

Haute Couture


from The Dictators’ Guide to Good Housekeeping

Jezebel, Remembering

The Dark Room

The Dictators’ Guide to Good Housekeeping

Amazing Grace

The Poem Stays

White Room, Provincetown

Limoncello in Positano


Examining the Phytolith

ars poetica :: hibernaculum

Aubade with Almonds and Oranges

When You Google Afghan Girl

Richard Wright, Paris

Hemingway joined me at the top of the Spanish El Morro

Government Cheese

reaching out across the airwaves