White Room, Provincetown


Bolt of muslin unwrapped across the bedroom windows,

linen draped over the chair. Milk-painted dresser

articulates a double orchid curved toward its pale reflection.


Antique white iron bed holds two eider down pillows

& white comforter, and behind the bed, a five-foot

by five-foot painted frame hangs from a painted nail.


Ceiling fan blades whiz between two black oak beams.

The planked wood floor is partly covered by a sugar cane

rug &white tiles under the glass-paned white door


have had their matte finish scraped away, where the long

legs of the desk abrade the floor. You can see porcelain

blue beyond the sky window, and in the kitchen, damask


napkins lay inside unprinted china. The towels are fresh snow.

The towels are Wonder Bread. In the drawer below them,

three kinds of soap: triple-milled lemon verbena, one hundred


percent vegetable fat green tea, & Bouchon pear, all wrapped

in parchment. No, wrapped in cream. Aspirin, sand dollar, tooth,

alkaline, absence, ash, birch, bone, egg, opened apple, open eye.